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Our team was joined when Christina, Suzanne, Dhyana and Laurel all realized they shared a passion to bring the tools of yoga, mindfulness and wellness to youth in the Capital Region.

      The Holistic Youth Project's programs use the tools of yoga, mindfulness and self-care to develop skills in emotional self-regulation, improve physical and mental health, maximize academic performance, and foster healthy social development. The following is an explanation of how these tools and techniques form the foundation of the 4 pillars.


1. Improve emotional self-regulation      

     Yoga and mindfulness based practices are proven to help practitioners cultivate better     

     focus and emotional self-regulation. With practice, a noted pause between stimulus and

     reaction occurs where one can become aware of his/her internal and external

     circumstances, relax fight or flight responses and make a choice to respond in a

     conscious state as opposed to reactionary.    


2.  Improve physical and mental health

     Yoga and mindfulness based practices are scientifically proven to help with many

     physical and mental ailments. Moreover 20 minutes of yoga a day is said to improve brain

     function! For decades, doctors and psychologists have been using these and other

     similar practices in the fields of healthcare and mental health to help improve their

     patients' wellbeing. Now many insurance companies are subsidizing yoga for their

     enrollees because of its proven benefits: yoga can slow down the process of aging, it can

     reduce stress, anxiety and depression, it can improve everything from cognitive skills to

     immune function. Sleep, memory, blood pressure, pain and even digestion can be

     improved with yoga and mindfulness based practices.

3.  Maximize academic performance

     These practices have been proven to improve memory and attention.  Studies show

     meditation practice can increase grey matter density in the hippocampus (area of the

     brain responsible for learning, memory, and emotional  control) and insula (area of the

     brain that aids in the process of awareness). In Om For Kids, an article published in Time

     Magazine in January of 2017, various reports show that yoga and mindfulness based

     practices can lead to more kindness, better math scores, fewer ADHD symptoms, lower

     suspension rates, less teacher turnover and improved attention.

4.  Foster Healthy Social Development

     HYP’s holistic activities pull from neuroscience and positive and behavioral psychology to

     foster healthy social-emotional learning. Together, students learn to become aware of

     their internal and external environments and how to respond with conscious control.

     Through these practices and discussions, they develop better forms of communication.

      Kindness and compassion grows enabling peaceful conflict resolution.


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The Holistic Youth Project's (HYP) programs all use the tools of yoga, mindfulness and self-care practices to foster an enriched environment geared toward enlightening and empowering youth.

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