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There are many ways that you can get involved with the Holistic Youth Project. We are always looking for volunteers, supplies, and monetary support. If you live in the ...

The Holistic Youth Project's (HYP) programs all use the tools of yoga, mindfulness and self-care practices to foster an enriched environment geared toward enlightening and empowering youth.

HYP's Curricula

      The Holistic Youth Project has created a variety of programs and curricula designed to empower and enlighten youth with holistic wellness modalities. HYP has full year, half year, mandated mindfulness, after school and summer programming. The curricula use the tools of yoga, mindfulness and self-care to develop skills in emotional self-regulation, improve physical and mental health, maximize academic prformance, and foster healthy social development (click here to learn more about the four pillars).

        The following is a list of activities that we have in every program and their benefits.

Breathing Excercises

•improve oxygen flow to the brain, enhancing perception

•improved decision-making and self-regulation

•conscious control of breath override's the bodies fight-or-flight response, stabilizing one's

nervous system

Movement (Yoga Postures)

•increase body awareness; become aware of physiological shifts within the body

•develop sense of proprioception; spacial awarenss of the body

•learn to notice when the nervous system is overstimulated and how to bring it back to a

place of homeostasis

•increase flexibility

•improve muscle and bone strength

•postures can improve autonomic functions such as circulation, respiration, digestion and


Brain Breaks (Meditation)

•improve attention

•cultivate self-awareness

•center and focus students

•prepare the brain and nervous sytem of productive learning

Mindfulness Practices

•reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression

•reduce symptoms of ADHD

•improve memeory and academic performance

•enhance in overall wellbeing, health and happiness

Self-Care (Ayurveda)

•develop a holistic view of body-mind complex

•optimize all body functions with lessons on healthy eating, getting adequate rest and more


•increase awareness of body-mind complex. Simplified lessons in the science behind

breathing, brain sturcutre and function, stress, nueroplasticity and the benefits of all our

mindfulness practices.

Team Building Activities

•provide tools for mindful communication and meaningful relationships

•enhance social and emotional intelligence

•cultivate compassion and ethical awareness

•develop skills in conflict resolution


•enhance the integration between brain hemispheres

•provide students with a healthy outlet for emotional expression

•cultivate skills in self reflection, improving self awarenes


•provide students with a healthy outlet for emotional expression

•develop alternative ways of seeing/perceiving...creativity

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Our team was joined when Dhyana, Suzanne and Laurel all realized they shared a passion to bring the tools of yoga, mindfulness and wellness to the teenage population in the Capital District.