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There are many ways that you can get involved with the Holistic Youth Project. We are always looking for volunteers, supplies, and monetary support. If you live in the ...

The Holistic Youth Project has created and is piloting an 18 week mindfulness based curriculum aimed at empowering and enlightening the youth of the region. Using tools of yoga, mindfulness, & self-care HYP ...

HYP's Curricula

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½ and Full Year Curriculum

HYP teachers work closely with students and staff to pave paths of self-fulfillment and happiness. HYP offers classes that can be incorporated into a regular school week. A typical school year program includes 1 day of meeting with every class for 1 hour and bi-weekly meetings with teachers for 1/2 an hour.

Mandated Mindfulness

HYP’s mandated mindfulness is a transformation of “detention”. With the guide of a highly trained HYP teacher, students are guided through yoga, mindfulness and contemplation practices to help them grow and learn from their experiences.

After School Program

HYP’s after school program works with kids K-12. Programs begin with yoga and a mindfulness practice and then students and their HYP teachers dive into their homework. Once they get a little learning done, they are rewarded with fun mindfulness based games that foster healthy social interaction and laughter.

Summer Program

HYP’s summer program is a fun-filled way of exploring yoga and mindfulness based practices. Together students learn to stretch, strengthen and energize their bodies and minds. Activities encourage qualities of focus, self-regulation, creative expression and communication. Working together in small and large groups, students build friendships and learn practices to improve their overall well-being and happiness. This summer HYP is partnering with The Hot Yoga Spot to offer kids yoga. Please click here for more details and to preregister.

The Holistic Youth Project's (HYP) programs include activites such as breathing exercises, movement (yoga postures), brain breaks (meditation), mindfulness exercises, team building activities, lessons in self-care or the science of breathing/mindfulness, art/art therapy and journaling. Click here to learn more about the activities included in our curriculum. The following is a list of our programming. Please contact us to learn more.